Next rodeo - Strong City, June 25-26, 2016.  A few things to note about Strong City Rodeo:
*Start times have changed due to the heat - Saturday will start at 10:00 am, entries will need to be paid by 9:00 am.  Sunday will start at 9:00 am, entries will need to be paid by 8:00 am.  Cowboy Church will be Saturday evening at 7:30 pm at the rodeo grounds.
**If you're needing a stall in Strong City, they will be available, but they must be reserved by Monday, June 20th.  Stalls will be $10/day or $15/weekend.
***There will be hook ups available at Strong City.  They are on a first come/first serve basis.  Hook ups are $15.00/day or $25.00/weekend.  

Entries for Strong City are looking awesome with our largest turnout this year planned for Sunday!!  Can't wait to see everyone!  

Day Sheets for Strong City have been posted to the Rodeo Schedule page.  Be sure to let us know if any corrections need to be made.  Thanks.

Be sure to bring your Swimming Suits as the Youth Board is sponsoring a pool party Saturday evening from 5-7pm.  More details will be posted at the rodeo.

Cowboy Church will be Saturday evening - 7:30 pm at the arena.

2016 Adult Board:
President - Chad Newell
Vice-President - Doug Reser
Secretary - Stephanie Newell
Treasurer/Points Secretary - Stacie Adams
Board Director - Chris Dame
Board Director - Travis Long
Board Director - Bret Seastrom
Board Director - Cody Stapleford
Rodeo Chaplain - Chad Chambers

2016 Youth Board:
President - Brayden Dame
Vice-President - Kassie Adams
Secretary - Breah Fillmore
Treasurer - Becca Ledeboer
Youth Director - Colby Hines
Youth Director - Bronc Reser

If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please be sure to contact one of your board members. Don't forget monthly meetings will be on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 pm.  Meetings are open to the public.  Meetings will be held at the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, 109 East 2nd Street, Ottawa,KS. Please check the website if location needs to be changed it will be noted here.
Our CYRA Rulebook has been updated. Be sure to read through this as some rule changes have been made. It is your responsibility as a member to know and understand the CYRA Rules.

Rule Book and Ammendments - Be sure to take time to read our rule book that is posted on this website. There may be rule ammendments made as necessary that are approved by the Board. It is your responsibility as a member to know the rules of our organization.