Updates from your CYRA President -

Day Sheets for Lyndon have been posted.  Please be sure to take a look at these.  Thanks.

Click Here to view and print your 2014 FINALS PACKET.

Finals packets were passed out at Ottawa.  The Finals packets are available on the website.  Click on the link above.  We will also have these available to pick up at Lyndon this weekend.  Finals entries must be postmarked by August 8th or turned in at the August 9th rodeo, NO EXCEPTIONS will be made.  More Finals info to be posted here soon.  Keep checking back.  Don't forget, to participate in Finals, all paperwork (birth certicates, proof of enrollment, etc.) and sponsorship money must have been turned in.  Please check with Leann Edington,  if you're not sure if you may be missing something.  Also, you must have participated in each event that you are wanting to enter at Finals, 6 times to be eligibile to enter that event at Finals If you need verification regarding how many times you have participated in an event, please contact Stacie Adams,

Don't forget - PROPOSALS MUST be POSTMARKED by JULY 22nd.  There will be a Proposal meeting on July 26th at 5:00 pm at the Lyndon Saddle Club.  This will be your ONLY opportunity to discuss your Proposal with the membership.  Proposals can be mailed to Leann Edington or hand delivered to her. 

Thanks to all those that helped work at the rodeo at Ottawa. Be sure if you are a member that you are working during at least 1/3 of the rodeo's produced by CYRA. This is a WORK Requirement.

See a board member if you're not sure what needs done.

PROPOSALS - Be sure if you have any proposals to the rulebook that you would like to submit that you are working on these.  These will be due in July.  I will update our website when I have a specific date that these will be due, along with more information about a proposal meeting.  Check back on our webpage for more details.

ALL Sponsorship money was due May 1st. If you have any questions or concerns with your sponsorships please contact Leann Edington,

2013-2014 Board of Directors

Our CYRA Rulebook has been updated. Be sure to read through this as some rule changes have been made. It is your responsibility as a member to know and understand the CYRA Rules.

FUNDRAISERS for 2013-2014:
We have set the following fundraisers for our upcoming season. These are what makes our wonderful awards and rodeo's possible throughout the year. Be sure to mark your calendars with these events and plan to participate in as many as you can as per the rule book it is required that you participate in 1/3 of the total non rodeo activities sponsored by the CYRA.

Rule Book and Ammendments - Be sure to take time to read our rule book that is posted on this website. There may be rule ammendments made as necessary that are approved by the Board. It is your responsibility as a member to know the rules of our organization.