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Updates from your CYRA President -

Call-ins were amazing for the first Spring rodeo, April 18/19.  We have over 90 contestants for each day and over 200 entries each day.  We can't wait to see all the new and old faces!

Day Sheets and Order of Events have been posted to the website Rodeo Schedule tab.  Please review these.

Be sure if you are joining at the April rodeo to have all membership packet information completed, including membership form signed and notarized, copy of birth certificate, and for those kids ages 14-18 a copy of current school enrollment.

There will be a special Easter Egg Hunt planned for Saturday morning after Church service.  Be sure to come join in the fun!  Church Service is scheduled for 9:00 am at the Arena Club House.
The board has the remainder of our dates, locations, times set for our 2014 season.  Be sure to to look at the Rodeo Schedule tab for our upcoming rodeo's.  
Our May Monthly Meeting will be, Monday, May 12th at 7:00 pm at 416 S Main Street, in Ottawa, KS.  Please feel free to attend.

On the attached links you will find which proposals passed this past year and who has been elected to our 2013-2014 Board of Directors.  If you have any questions or concerns please bring them to a board member.

Our CYRA Rulebook has been updated.  Be sure to read through this as some rule changes have been made. It is your responsibility as a member to know and understand the CYRA Rules.

 FUNDRAISERS for 2013-2014:
We have set the following fundraisers for our upcoming season.  These are what makes our wonderful awards and rodeo's possible throughout the year.  Be sure to mark your calendars with these events and plan to participate in as many as you can as per the rule book it is required that you participate in 1/3 of the total non rodeo activities sponsored by the CYRA.

Concession Stands at Lawrence, Douglas County Fairgrounds Arena: March 23rd, and March 30th.

Rule Book and Ammendments - Be sure to take time to read our rule book that is posted on this website.  There may be rule ammendments made as necessary that are approved by the Board.  It is your responsibility as a member to know the rules of our organization.






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